Ready to Ship- Fitted Crib sheets

I buy bolts of fabric from manufacturers on a regular basis, usually in a collection. Sometimes I run out of most of the collection and get stuck with a single bolt that either didn’t sell that good or I just never found an opportunity to use it and it’s just sitting on my shelves collecting dust. I actually have probably twenty bolts of fabric that never get used and might have been sitting on the shelf 2+ years. I really hate that. It’s such a waste of my money and also of some great fabrics that are great, but just ended up being the last little bit of something.

Yesterday a very large delivery of Notting Hill by Joel Dewberry made its way in my studio. Not sure if you noticed that Free Spirit had a huge sale a week or so ago and every bolt was more than half off, but I had to take advantage. But, I had zero place for this fabric when it arrived. Every spot on the shelves is taken with other bolts. In an effort to clear out some space of some of the bolts with just a little fabric left on them that are not ever getting used I decided to make crib sheets.

A fitted crib sheet uses 2 yards of fabric. They are quick for me to make and priced good so that they will move. Here are the ones I made today.

This one is from a very old line of Riley Blake fabrics by Doohikey that got re-released recently. Can’t remember the name, but you can find the fitted sheet for sale here.

This one is from the same collection and could go with almost any nursery set in brown. For sale here.

And finally this one was from a collection called The woodlands from Anthologie. It’s for sale here.

They are all so cute, nursery worthy, and ready to ship right now.


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