March in the Sugar Block Club

March was all about exploring, and that is exactly what I did with paper piecing. It was the first time I’d ever paper pieced. I can’t say that I loved it, but after several tries and then quite a bit of seam ripping I did figure it out, and then I felt like a big dummy because it was kind of easy. Still not sure I’d want to try again, but if it comes my way again I don’t think it would be as hard. Sometimes it just takes a few tries and then you are like, “Ohhhhh.” That was me.

Here is my March ‘explore’ sugar block.

No, it is not supposed to have that border around it. That is there because my block came up an inch short. I don’t think it was b/c of seam allowance or cutting, I think it was the ironing. There were so many tiny pieces and I couldn’t get my block to be flat. Too bad I didn’t have a can of starch. Regardless, I’m not that upset about. I think it’s a very pretty block.

It was tough though. I’d never worded with 2 inch half square triangles and I can honestly say I hope I never do again. Intricate. Took me two and half hours, but I mentioned all the seam ripping.

It does look really nice on the wall beside its other block friends. Don’t you think?

These are for my Sugar Block Club.


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