String Block

This is a very fun block to make. There is zero stress. I don’t think I could make a mistake if I tried.

Here it is with yesterday’s Ohio Star. I’ve been making these around 10 pm at night. When it’s too late to start a new project.

Voila. So super easy. I left a 1 inch white sash down the middle of the foundation block and then added my strips to each size. I’d like to make a whole quilt with them, but keeping them separated with white sashing. Sometimes these quilts look terribly busy. I’d want mine to have a lot of white or other light background color.

I have 9 blocks done for the sampler, so we are getting there. I’m running out of these fabrics so not sure if I will get the whole 20 done. I might end up making the quilt a little smaller. This always happens. You plan and then you change. I guess the quilt has wants of its own.

P.S. Please don’t judge my messy sewing room. I work really well in a mess.


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