Ohio Star Quilt Block

I’m still working on my first sampler quilt. It’s just a slow process. The whole point of it is 1. I really love them, but 2. To build my skills.

This block comes out of Judy Hopkins 501 Quilt Blocks. I’m still trying to pick away at those, but even though the block is in there, I didn’t use the whole pattern.

I don’t like working with triangles when they are all alone and that is what the pattern wanted. So I made half square triangles doing the easy method, and then made them into hourglass blocks using the line down the middle method. This is a nine patch block, so I used the measurements for all finished 9 that were listed in the book. When I sewn all 9 together, I once again for the third time using the book came up about a half inch short on my finished square. So…… that is very frustrating.

I checked all my seams, made sure they were only ¼ inch. They were. The only thing I can figure is these blocks are meant to be unfinished at 12 inches, not finished at 12 inches. That’s 3 blocks, all the same thing. So I guess I’m going to have to take all 9 of my finished sampler quilt blocks and trim them down to 12 inches as well.

Here is the Ohio star.

Unfinished at 12 inches, it really came out perfect. Ohio star has been around since the mid 1800’s, I found its history here.

I think it might be one of my favorites. I’m really digging the stars more than any of the other blocks.

It’s made with Joel Dewberry’s herringbone in lake fabric, and Free spirit solid winter white.


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