Sunset at Sea quilt

These are hands down the easiest of quilts I’ve made. The hardest part is appliqueing the sun everything else is just strip piecing. This first one was for an order and I had so much fabric leftover and got it together so quickly that I thought I’d make another. Plus, I get lots of interests in them and I think it’s a good item for the shop. Even though I keep trying to take it out of the shop. No more. Sunset at Sea is here to stay. I’m just going to have multiple options on it.

I really had fun with the quilting on this one. Making the water have wavy lines to imitate ripples and doing some echo quilting on the inside of the sun. On the outside I just put bursts.

Here is the back.

This one is the spontaneous sunset quilt. The only difference is the sun. The sun in the first one is just a large applique, but this one I used half a dresden plate in golds and yellows. Me like.

It’s still appliqued on there and on the quilt I just did the bursts from each ray.

This one is ready to ship for a limited time in my etsy shop here. Once it sells I will put it as made to order with some options for you.


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