Sugar Block BOM- February- Mercy

I finished February’s block last night for the Sugar Block Club on Amy’s blog.

I really, REALLY loved this block, but I had a very hard time with it. It probably took me about 30 minutes. Those tiny triangles were killing me, but even so there was only three places I messed up on (I’m sure you can see if you are looking). Not sure where I went wrong there, but my corners definitely did not match up. Even so, I think all and all it looks good even if it’s not perfect, when am I ever perfect, and it’s okay that I am not. I am still in love with these colors I’ve chosen to work with. They have sat on my shelves for years, and I’m so happy that I finally found a project for them.

This block was called Mercy, and February is all about being merciful to yourself and others. I loved Amy’s post on this one and I think it is probably true for everyone.

I really liked these two, January and Februarys blocks hanging together. I think they are going to look great on a quilt together.


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