Our Beautiful / Horrible Snow Day

As you might already know, I live in Alabama. We are not snow people. We are thick sweltering humidity people. Apparently the weather didn’t remember that today.

It snowed just a little dusting that made us smile and be happy about the fluffy whiteness that we never see, but then the snow didn’t stop and began to cause trouble. We might have got 3 inches.

People afraid of the icy roads began to leave their cars in the middle of highways causing all kinds of traffic delays. What normally took me 25 minutes to drive took 2.5 hours. No, I am not exaggerating. I sat on a 100 yard bridge for 45 of those minutes because of those cars left behind and people afraid of moving around them.

If you are snow people you would have been laughing at us.

Hundreds of people coming to get kids from schools, businesses shutting down, all people trying to get home, all driving amuck, slow and swerving. Then they began to close roads which made things so much worse.

Thankfully, I personally had no trouble with my driving, but only because I drive a four wheel drive jeep. Thank you Jeep!

I do have some pics to share of around our house where we are safe and sound and finally enjoying the pretty side of the snow.


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