Quilt in Progress- Positively

I’ve started putting the blocks together this evening on the Positively quilt. I didn’t think I’d finish the whole quilt tonight, but it was an easy one and I went ahead and wrapped it up. It is in the wash now, so hopefully if all goes well I’ll have completed pics tomorrow.

I’m very happy with it and will hopefully make more of. It was an excellent scrap buster. I knocked out a huge stack of fabrics on this.

I’ve been working on this one for a little over two weeks, I believe. I saw a similar one on Pinterest and I became quite obsessed with it. My original post is here. Since then though, I’ve been planning my next couple of quilts. Don’t you hate that? You fall in love with a quilt, you start planning it out, doing the math, choosing the fabrics, then you begin to sew it, and then suddenly you are obsessing over a different quilt pattern that you cannot wait to get to. I do that a lot.

More on my latest obsessions later. Oh, and come back tomorrow to see the completed pics of the Positively quilt.


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