Plus Quilt Block

Finally, I finished all my blocks for my Positively Quilt that I have been working on. I stitched the last side on these and then squared them up tonight. I have 56 of them completed. I ended up with 11 inch unfinished blocks. I had wanted 12.5 inches, but I messed that up (blah), so this will end up being a twin size quilt instead of the queen I originally planned.

But back to the blockโ€ฆ.

I started with a 10 inch square and then cut my strips from everything between 2.5-4 inches wide. I cut the block in the middle at the 5 inch mark vertically, and then sewn a strip in, then sew the other side back on. Then, I cut the block at the 5 inch mark horizontally on the other side and sewn a strip from that way. Slash and sew. Slash and sew.

I am really enjoying these fun colors. Aqua and Red. Gorgeous. All of these came out of my stash. I have had these for years I think. I think both of the prints in the pic are Michael Miller. Dandy damask and one of the Ta dots, I think.

I’ve been doing these blocks just a little every couple of nights between work projects. Not too bad. I’ve enjoyed them.


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