Quilt in Progress- Positively Quilt

Here is a peek at what I’ve been working on a little each day for that last little bit. I am still in the VERY early stages, so little has been completed.

I’ve been wanting to make a slash and sew quilt. I saw some examples of blocks on the Craftsy BOMs and I thought, “how easy”, but I guess when you are making 50+ blocks it no longer is easy, and seems to be taking me quite some time. Still easier than most blocks though.

This is going to be a quilt full of plus signs, and I am going to call it positively. I’ve made up my own pattern b/c I couldn’t find a pattern for the quilt I’m using for inspiration, and I’ve messed up already. I wanted to have 12.5 unfinished blocks. My starting block was 10″, and I wanted the plus signs to be all different sizes so it didn’t look like horizontal and vertical lines going up and down. So I cut the sashing from 2.5-4 inches. I’m a dummy, I know. 2.5 is too short for my 12.5 block, but I’ve already started sewing the blocks and it’s too late to correct now. I’ll just end up with a smaller block then I intended. Boo me.

Here is a pic of my inspirational quilt via pinterest that I cannot stop looking at. I LOVE it.

The original link and owner of pic is here.


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