Twirling Around Nursery Set

I am FINALLY done with this nursery set. And I am so in LOVE with the fabrics I chose for the sheet and skirt.

Is it wrong for me to want this on my own bed. I wonder if the hubbie would mind the girliness of it.

I need another baby so I can decorate her room. And yes, I would need guarantees on it being a girl.

Shabby Lovely, I think.

Please don’t be turned off by those floors. YUCK, cement, I know! Eventually though, we will get the tiling done. If I could just get a few more hours each day I would have so much more time for things other than sewing/quilting.

I’ve really enjoyed designing this quilt and I cannot wait to design some more in the future, hopefully soon. I do have this nursery set ready to ship on my Etsy shop here, and made to order so you can customize in my own shop here. All of these are Heather Bailey’s fabrics in Nicey Jane, except for the white solid which is winter white by Free Spirit.


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