Twirling Around Crib Quilt

I am absolutely over the moon for this quilt. It is BY FAR my favorite quilt that I have ever made. I adore how much white has been used and just the right amount of color. I used Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane fabrics which have been on my shelves for years. I have listed this one in my shop here and here. I did put it as made to order b/c in the next day or two I am going to make a matching crib set (skirt and sheet) to go with this ready to ship quilt and sell it altogether. I will post that when it gets done.

This is also the first time I quilted on something that wasn’t patchwork-ish. Meaning on a lot of these I really free handed my lines, so they are not perfect, more asymetrical. And this okay because I think it just really turned out good. I’ve heard folks called this ‘organic quilting’. There are some wonky lines and my diamonds are sometimes different sizes.

I am in love with it and I’m not sure I’ll be able to part with it. Maybe I will make myself one in blues and green.


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