Customer Pictures

Here are two little lovelies (aka. The Edward’s children) enjoying their memory quilts.

I made SO many memory quilts during November and December that I thought my hands might fall off from cutting up clothing (its tougher than one might think). But seeing folks enjoying them, especially kiddos, makes it worth it. And I do SO much love to look at pictures of my quilts being loved. So thanks a big whole bunch to their Mommy for sending me the pictures.

These are my large throw size memory quilts that you can find here. This is my favorite size quilt, because it’s big enough for two to snuggle under and still small enough to drag around the house with you when you are chilly. Also, this one uses fairly small blocks that are good for baby clothing. This size is also good if you are buying them for children, because unlike the crib size or the small baby size, your kid isnt going to outgrow this one. Even when they are an adult they can snuggle up under it.


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