A Weekend Getaway

Along with the all the good things that come from the holiday season, came some rough days at work, trying to get orders out on time, stress, and all the aches and pain that comes along with working too much.

I very much love what I do, but even something you love can start to seem old when you need a little getaway. I took three days off this past weekend and am feeling refreshed and ready to get back at it. My shelves have been emptied and are in need of quilts. So back to work I go.

This new year I’m going to be mixing up a lot of the things I do. I need change, I’m craving it and that is what my shop is going to be about now. I’m still going to have all the usual quilts, but I think throwing some new ones into the mix will spice things up for the shop and power my creative juices.

I want to try things I don’t normally do and I want to re-learn a lot of things I do. I’ve self taught myself everything up to this point and I’ve noticed while learning new things that my ways may not always be the easiest way so I think learning the correct way might be helpful to me.

The quilt above is a wedding throw. It measures approx.. 59×67 inches. I used all Pat Bravo’s Summerlove fabrics. They are especially yummy I think. On the binding I used Free Spirit’s solid in Caribbean sea.

So until tomorrow….

Hope your New Year’s Eve is filled with laughter and fun!


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