Queen Size Guest Book Quilt—A quilt on a Wall

I not too long ago saw a lady making a quilt on a YouTube video. I can’t seem to find it to link back to it, but in the video she had tacked the quilt on a wall to make layering it easier. I knew I had to try this.

I have so much trouble on big quilts like this one to get all 3 layers to be taut.

I can’t believe how much quicker the smoothing out went. It kinda makes me mad I didn’t think of this before. Where were you smart quilty lady the last time I did a quilt this big?

Sorry for all the pics with bad lighting. It’s my hallway. Yes, I put nails at the top of my walls in my house, but you they are so high you don’t notice them (or at least I hope). I don’t think the lady in the video used nails, but I did and that I used those little paper pincher things to hold the quilt then hang on to the nails.

I will now be doing all these quilts like this.

The quilt shown in the pics is a queen size guest book quilt for a wedding. If you are interested in purchasing one, please see here.


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