Minky Backed Quilt Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

Quilt top that measures less than 59 inches


Minky fabric an inch or two bigger than quilt on all sides

Minky backed quilts are so much easier than regular quilts because you don’t quilt the back and you don’t fool with binding. This tutorial is for adding minky backing to your completed quilt top. Note that minky only comes in approx.. 60 inches wide so your quilt top would need to be smaller than that.

Here is the quilt top we will be using. It is one of my toddler quilts and will end up measuing 45×64 inches.

  1. Lay your quilt top on top of your batting, and pin or spray to the batting.

  1. Quilt the two layers together.

  1. Trim off excess batting, leaving a nice clean edge.

  1. Layer on a flat surface: Minky face up, and then on top of that put your quilted top face down on top of minky. Both layers need to be smoothed and taut insuring no lumps or folds.

  1. Pin quilt, leaving about .5-1 inch edge of minky all the way around the perimeter, but leave a gap about 10 inches anywhere on the perimeter for your hole. I usually put pins every 5 inches or so with the exception of that gap.

  1. Starting at first pin, began stitching. I like to stitch about ¼ inch from quilt top edge. Be sure to stop stitching at last pin, leaving that gap of 10 inches.

  1. It should leave a little hole that looks like the above. Now, you will pull your quilt through that hold, turning it right side out, but be careful not to pull out any stitches as you do.

Pay special attention to corners, pushing gently with your thumb to make sure the corner is out and looks correct.

  1. Iron all the way around the perimter to get a nice flat surface. Don’t leave the iron on the minky but a second or it will burn. It’s best to avoid touching the minky with the iron.

  1. Pin your hold closed and iron over it to make sure it is even with the rest of your quilt.

  1. Top stitch. Set your sewing machine to a zig zag stitch the largest width and length it will go up to and let some of the tension out a little bit since you are sewing on something very thick. Go all the way around the perimeter of the quilt, closing up the hole as well.

That is it. Your hole should have disappeared and now you have a nice, thick, super plush, minky quilt.

If you are interested in purchasing a minky patchwork quilt from my shop you can find this one here.

The fabrics in this one are Amy Butler’s Soul Blossoms in passion.


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