Quilt Backs and more Fall pics

If you’ve bought multiple quilts from me through the years, you might have noticed that during the early part of this year we swapped out our natural backing. I’m still using an all natural cotton backing, but now we are using a higher quality 200 thread count one. This one is from Moda. The color is slightly different. There is no darker cotton specks on it (that’s actually something I miss about the old backing), but it’s thicker and you cannot see through it. Also, once washed it becomes divine as you can see in the pic above.

I adore washed up quilts.

If you’ve bought a quilt from me or anybody who uses natural cotton batting on the inside. Once you wash it the batting will shrink up on the inside and create all that frumpy lovely stuff that we all love about quilts so much.

I couldn’t resist throwing this picture in. I took it today on my way to pick the children up from school. It is definitely finally fall here and the leaves have changed. It’s only a matter of time before they start dropping and are gone for the year.


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