Quilt Prep and Fall around here

Lately, I have been cutting up oodles of clothing for memory quilts. In one of the boxes I was surprised to receive a picture of the little lady I’m making one for.

These are quilts blocks stacked up and ready to be made into fabric sandwiches. I cut them up and my husband is the one who cuts the batting and backing. He then pins them, stitches an x on them and then unpins him. He stacks them up in a different area where I then take them and make quilts by stitching the sandwiches together. It’s a team effort. The tags I’ve got on top are the size blocks he needs to cut.

Yesterday, while talking to one of my customers we got on the subject of fall. She is from the opposite side of the country as me and the weather is in the extreme different. I’m always fascinated by places I haven’t been to. So in case you’ve never been to Alabama in November, I thought I’d take some pics to show you that fall is just beginning. We are still in the 60s on the weather and the lows are probably 40-50 degrees. The leaves have just started to turn and fall.


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