Add a Message Block

I offer this on almost everything. But on the memory quilts and guestbook quilts it’s a little more obvious. I don’t talk about it much so I wanted to do that for a minute.

A message block is one square of your quilt. It can be filled with names, dates, a message, love letter, a picture, etc. Anything you can imagine almost can be done.

Here are some examples

Most people usually just go with a name or date for birthdays, anniversaries. I can add these to any quilt. You can add them here in my Etsy Shop or here on the website.

Here is an example of one on a rag quilt.

And here is one on a regular style quilt

You can choose your colors, your fonts. You personalize all of it. If you want to make it that is fine too. Just send it to me in Jpeg form and I’ll take it. I make these on photoshop.

This gets confused with embroidery or applique, but its nothing like that, and I don’t iron it on. This is regular personalized fabric just like any other fabric. It will never peel or tear off.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this. I am happy to answer.


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