Keeping Busy

You might have noticed that the schedule has slowed some on crossing out names and I wanted to apologize. I have still been working constantly, but lately we have been having some very large orders. Throw that in with an influx in memory quilts which we get more orders of this time of year and we have slowed to a crawl. Memory quilts take a lot more time than the regular quilts do. Cutting up clothing is very tedious business, sometimes taking several hours of just cutting. My hands never cramp more.

Hopefully with the arrival of your order you will be happy to have a handmade quilt that has spent hours being worked on by simple loving hands one stitch at a time. Still, I want to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate your patience and your business. Southern Charm Quilts is a very small studio within my home that I share with my husband and children. I love what we do and I hope you do as well.

With all this being said if you have purchased an order from me and have a deadline for it, please let me know a month in advance so I can be sure to get it out in time without stressing myself out to do so.

Hope everyone is enjoying a nice holiday!


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