Guestbook Quilt for Ryan & Jenny

I’ve been working on a guestbook quilt for two days now. Sometimes after getting the squares back, there are little messages from the guests of the wedding that has something to do with sewing or quilting. I really like those and usually will snap a picture of them.

So sweet.

I think Jenny did a nice job with her colors. I particularly liked all those navy blue Ravena fabrics.

This one is my large throw size and it measures about 59×67 inches. This is my favorite size quilt. Perfect for the sofa. I have a quilt over me each and every time I sit on the soft all year long. This one is big enough to cover you up when you are sitting, but still small enough to drag around the house and out onto the porch.

If you are interested in having a guestbook quilt for your wedding, shower, or party you can find all the details here.

Congrats to Jenny & Ryan!


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