Kitchen Curtains- straight hang with a ruffled border

I live in an older house that had old style cabinets. Several years back I painted them white. I loved them a thousand times better because the kitchen seemed brighter and cleaner. Or that was until the bottom cabinets started getting stained. It took a few years for me to tire of the constant cleaning of the cabinet doors. So while on Pinterest I saw a kitchen with white upper cabinets and dark blue lower ones. I decided it was for me.

I am not completely thrilled with the look, but it did accomplish what I wanted.

I had red plaid curtains hanging in the tiny window, but with the navy cabinets it was too much red, white and blue.

I LOVE making curtains. There is so many options you can go with and it can really change up a room.

I decided to do just a very simple straight hang and then add a little ruffle to the bottom of it. I used Art Gallery Fabrics Freshly Picked in mint. I bought the whole collection of these and they are slowly spreading throughout my house in curtains, pillows and quilts. I love them so much and they just go with almost everything I have.

I think they have an old simple look to them. If you are interested in purchasing a valance you can see the details here.


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