New Nursery Set

Is it just me or is this To. Die. For. ?

I absolutely love cribs with teething guards now. I like them a thousand times more than I like bumpers. I wonder what they would look like with both? Probably too much.

I got these fabrics for a steal at Free Spirits annual sale and I am loving them. They are bright while still subtle. Okay that turquoise is not subtle, but it’s still gorgeous. I have never seen prettier butterfly fabric. Have you? Thank you very much, Tina Givens!

Also, you might notice my new walls. This is in my basement where I normally take my nursery pictures, but we’ve torn down that hideous paneling and put up real wood. You can see the floors have been stripped of their carpeting and its just concrete now. Tile will be going there we just havent got it done yet.

Are you drooling like me?

I have been digging some crochet lace lately, so I couldn’t help but put some on a sham.

Do you know a baby girl that needs this set? You can buy it here.

See all my Flutter products here.

Thank you so much for looking!


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