The odd wall & shabby embroidery hoop art

So there is the wall in my living room that is at the entrance of the hallway. I hate this wall. Nothing looks good there.

For years this wall held family photos, but they got very dated and I never changed them out. I replaced those photos with an art print I bought on Etsy, but it seemed to just get lost in this very large wall, so I took that down and then, you might remember me putting these up. I do LOVE those pictures and their shabby little block frames, but again the wall is massive and they got lost. There wasn’t enough of them and I haven’t been taking any pictures lately that I deem worthy of a frame. So……

Here we are again with this wall. Ugh!

I decided that it needed more things on the wall and like the block frames I wanted something shabby-esque. I love embroidery hoop art. I actually sell them in my shop all the time. I didn’t just want that though I wanted a little more out of them so I decided to get creative.

My supplies. Yummy. Lace, burlap, eyelet, crocheted ribbon. Yes, please!

The result.

And then the wall.

Still not completely happy about the wall. I love the hoops and the frames.

I would move a table or other piece of furniture here but it would be in the walkway and maybe look weird

I don’t know.

If you like the embroidery hoops for a wall in your house you can purchase them here.


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