The end of the Garden

Don’t get me wrong, I love having a vegetable garden. Come January, I start planning and deciding in my mind what is going to happen with it. I love the soil getting tilled and the seeds going in, but with all the rain this year it has been hard for me to maintain. Or should I say with all those now detested watermelons I planted it has made it almost impossible to maintain.

And even if there are twenty watermelons out there we haven’t gotten to eat a single one. One day they are almost average size and not quite ready to be picked and the next day (with all the rain) they are rotted and turning black.

Also, when I walk thru the garden, the watermelon and cantaloupe sections are so thick that large frogs are making their homes there and jump out and frighten me to death with every step I take. I will admit that I’m a little squeamish at frogs. Okay, screaming squeamish. Still, I almost don’t even want to go out there. I would just give it up and let my husband take over (he loves the watermelons) if it wasn’t for how good the tomatoes are doing. I’ve been canning tomatoes weekly and have a fairly decent amount to get thru at least a couple of months without having to buy any tomatoes.

I think I ruined the cucumbers, though. I’m a little upset about it.

We couldn’t eat them all as they came out of the garden, there were so many of them. So I cut them into slices and froze them. I’ve thawed out a bag of them last night and the cucumbers were mushy so I don’t know if they are going to be any good.

This is still a learning process for me, so don’t laugh. 🙂


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