The Silence

Today the kids went back to school. My husband took them on his way out. I’m sitting here for the first time in almost completely alone, except the dog of course.

It’s just Tiger and me, alone, in silence. The washing machine is running, the dishwasher is running, but other than that, silence.

I will definitely miss summer, even a yucky rainy one as this one happened to be, but I’m feeling ready for fall to come. The kids were ready too. Raven was up before I even went to wake her, showered, makeup on, and almost dressed. 10th grade, here she comes! Gage drug a little, but even he was ready to go before it was even time to actually leave the house. He’s in 8th grade, last year of middle school.

I’ve made my bed, cleaned the kitchen, washed some clothes, watered the plants, and now type this. Now it’s time to get to work.


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