Guestbook Quilts – for weddings

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I’ve been getting quite a bit of orders for the guestbook quilts for weddings, and alot of questions along with them.  Not about the quilt itself, but more about how to get people to sign the squares, the how-to’s of it all.

I’ve never been to a wedding where you signed fabric blocks, but I really just love the idea of this quilt (very usable) instead of a guestbook (which will eventually end up in a box/storage).  I would love for any of you who have used a guestbook quilt to share some of your ideas for them.  I have already received a few.


Here are a few ideas:

Have a table set up with a couple of girls manning it to let people know what they are supposed to do.  You want to make sure you have plenty of fabric markers there and even have a few completed squares laying around for example.

Having the table decorated very pretty and near the entrance will help attract more attention and get guests to the table.

quilt guest book
This image courtesy of

I have been searching ETsy for a few signs to go on the table like the one above or on a wall behind a table.

Please Sign Our Guest Quilt - Guest Book- Wedding Sign - Single Sheet (Style: QUILT)

This one is only $9 from here.  I really like the quote above.

Wedding Garland SIGN OUR QUILT Alternative Guest Book Banner Wedding Garland, Burlap & Kraft Banner, Custom Colors Available

I like this one in burlap.  It’s from Lazy Caterpillar.  It’s more of a garland.

Wedding Garland / Sign our Quilt Banner / Alternative Guest Book Banner / Fabric Book / Reception / Wedding Decor / Guestbook Decoration

Here is another garland and this one is from Banner Cheer.

Wedding Quilt Chalkboard Sign - "Please Sign our Wedding Quilt"

I think this one is my favorite.  I really like the idea of a chalkboard and after the wedding you can use it for something else.  This one is from Sarah Says Sew.

Wood Chalkboard  - Distressed White Rustic Blackboard - wedding sign - engagement announce -

One more chalkboard from Madera Nueve.

I you have an ideas, please comment, I’d really like to hear from someone who has done this and if you have pictures and dont mind sharing that’s even better.




2 thoughts on “Guestbook Quilts – for weddings

  1. Your work is beautiful!! We are considering this for our daughters wedding. What type of markers do you recommend? I would think some kind of permanent marker? I like how the writing lines are more defined and not thick like markers I am thinking are used.
    Also, what is your turnaround time?

    • My wedding quilts come with fabric markers, but any fabric marker will do. I use the Uchida brand available almost any craft store, but anything that says ‘fabric marker’ will work.

      I’m running approx. 85 days on completed quilt, but the fabric blocks will ship to you within around 2 weeks.

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