A prop in a movie

silent cinema from the movie

The quilt pictured above was purchased for a prop in the new movie Oblivion starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman.  The set designer (a very nice woman) bought it from last summer and wanted it rushed to her.  I’m usually too backed up to handle a request like this, but she told me the details of the movie and of course after learning of what it was going to be used for I obliged, rushed her the quilt, got all the details of the movie and sat in waited.  I’ve been waiting for almost a year.

Would it be on a bed?  Draped or folded at the bottom of a bed?  Would someone have it wrapped around them deep in conversation?  Used for a picnic, perhaps?   I asked myself these questions for a long time.

When the previews of the movie started to come out and it was a futuristic action movie I was more perplexed.  What would someone want a quilt in a space movie when my quilts are made to look old?

Yesterday, we took the kiddos and went to the movies to see this movie all for the purpose of seeing my quilt.  It was all very exciting and we spent most of the movie looking for a peek of the quilt, even though the set designer told me it would be in the very last scene of the movie.

At the very end, there is a little dark haired girl sitting on a quilt in the grass playing with a doll, that quilt is mine.  Picture me gleaming with happiness.  I know its just a prop in a movie, you can barely even notice it, and you probably wouldn’t if you weren’t looking for it, but its there.  Something that took me hours to make with my two hands.

By the way, the movie is very good with twists and turns I didn’t see coming.  We talked about it long after we left the movies trying to figure out what this meant or how this happened.  My kids enjoyed it too.  I always fret over them getting older, but it was nice to have a conversation about an adult movie with them.


Hope your Sunday is lovely!


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