Update on shipping

Just a quick little update.

USPS who I religiously ship with have changed some shipping methods and Paypal is taking their time about updating their site to reflect the changes.

I normally ship with Parcel POst on the large boxes but that has been abolished and a new shipping service will be put in its place.

The only thing this means for you is that you will not receive an email telling you that I’ve shipped your quilt.  This will only effect large boxes.  So if you are ordering something small there will be no changes.  This is only for customers who have purchased large quilts or larger orders in the US.

You will still see your name crossed off the list and your order marked shipped.  You are just not going to get the email.  This will be the case for a few months until Paypal makes the change in their system and all returns to normal.

Thanks so much!


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