Vacation Pics Part 2

After we left Jamestown and Williamsburg, we went by Mount Vernon. They would’nt let us take pictures of the inside. 😦

George Washington’s plantation sat on 1100 acres (going by memory). I was expecting so many people to be here, but it was very crowded.

The Potomac River as a backyard view….not bad huh? I’m picturing him in that famous painting, standing up and crossing the Potomac in the cover of night readying himself for a surprise attack.
Rear view. There were about 15 green rocking chairs on the back just to watch the view. Very nice.

The trees on this property were gorgeous. Some were absolutely huge around and were said to have been there when he lived on Mount Vernon. I made a point to touch all the largest trees just in case George Washington had done the same.
I really enjoyed Mount Vernon!
The final pictures are still to come…..


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