Art Fest Banner

Ok…..So, I know that I have been rambling on and on for a few weeks about this art fest I will be in on Mother’s Day weekend (my first one ever).

I have finally completed my banner that will go up on top of my tent.

What do you think? Does it stand out enough?

I was going to go with a quilt for a banner and then applique the title on it, but I had already spent so much money already that it just worked out better for me to go with felt for the background (very cheap, but I hope it doesnt look cheap).

Now I remember why I dont offer much applique in my shop….it’s a pain in my tushie.

Those butterflies are my favorite part. When I purchased them I was a little worried that they would be too delicate because they were made out of paper and I was unsure how I was going to attach them. After I received them in the mail I was thrilled…they were so perfectly made (and a must for my banner). I hot glued pins to the back of them and pinned it to the banner. I love them. I got them at the Gilded Bee if anyone is interested.

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