Kitty quilt almost done

I have been working like a mad woman. I don’t like rushing, it stresses me and I end up making mistakes. 

But my daughter leaves for school this Saturday and I wanted her to have it before she leaves. 

I made a few more of the little kittens and I found this cute selvedge I wanted to somehow include. 

And I stumbled upon this whiskers block below and just had to make it. It’s a whopping 15″. 

We also made the dreamcatcher for the dorm room. 

And one more silhouette block. 

I was trying to decide between the fabrics below for the border. 

We ended up going with the black. 

I had put uneven borders on it trying to get it to measure the size I was trying to get to and I didn’t like the look so I sewed up some Dresdens to add to the borders. 

I ended up changing the places that I have them in on the above pictures. 

We are really thrilled with it. Even though there were many moments when I hated it. 

Now to quilt and bind and wash. 

💜, Melanie 

Sky quilt 100

I read something recently about a sky scarf knitting challenge from Lea Redmond

I loved that idea. And I’ve been wanting to be thoughtful and meaningful in my quilts for some time now. 

The whole idea behind the scarf is to record the weather each day, but with yarn. I thought this idea might translate beautifully to quilting as well. 

I’ve been waiting for a project to start this sky quilt with. 

And then this became a sensation on Instagram. 

Hosted my gnome angel and a few more ladies, the idea is to make one block from Tula pinks city sampler book each day for 100 days in order. 

There are some great prizes that you could win just by posting the correct block on the correct day. 

I love group quilting projects, especially in the beginning when everyone is excited and posting their blocks. It’s such a fun experience.  

Mid morning today I went outside and snapped my first photo of the sky for this quilt project. 

The sky was an incredible shade of rich blue. There was one single cloud.  It’s sunny with a high of 88 degrees today. 

The first several blocks of the book (which is a great book) are about crosses. 

On each page I’m writing about the sky about the goings on in the house that day. Like a mini journal. 

Making one block every day is quite a task, and I’m not going to get angry with myself if I get behind here or there. As long as I take my sky picture each day that should be enough, though I will be trying very hard to make this a part of my day for the next 99 days. 

I’ll probably post photos daily on Instagram and every few blocks here. 

Very excited. 

💜, melanie

The kitty quilt 

I really, really like kitties. Probably not as much as I love doggies, with dogs you are loved beyond measure and adored to no end. 

Cats are not like that, but there is something about their sassy indifference and particularly when they are in kitten stage that makes them heaps of fun. I won’t even get into how much I love the purring. 

So when Michael Ann of Michael Ann Made offered up these paper piecing patterns I jumped on this idea.  

I started these two paper piecing patterns (which are actually part of a trio that you can purchase here) unsure of where I was going, but knew that I wanted them in a quilt. 

I actually made these blocks back in April. Then my daughter got her very own kitten and decided to claim the future “kitty quilt”. 

The quilt I had kinda pictures in my head was scrapped b\c she wanted to be in charge of particulars.  Which was fine. I plan on gifting her the quilt at the end of August when she moves off to college. 

And there were rules that were put in place for me:  no pink. No faces on the cats. 

I had already started the quilt in jewel tones and low volume background. 

I made these star blocks weeks ago with fabric featuring cats. I also snuck in a little pink, but have promised no more. We both hate the top right star and it will probably get tossed as an epic fail. 

We both liked the silhouette appliqués.  And I finished this one up tonight. I will make more of these with the cat silhouettes in different poses. 

Here is a group shot of everything. The panels will not be used. I found those on sale and whipped them together quickly, thinking they were adorable and still do, but they have been vetoed as too cutesy and babyish for a college girl quilt by my daughter. I agreed that they don’t quite fit. I will be turning them into pillow covers for the shop. 

The little cat heads come from this pattern, but I gave them a thicker border since they were a bit tiny. 

I put together a fun inspiration board together here on Pinterest

So until there is more. 

💜, melanie

A finished swoon quilt

So here it is, my finished swoon quilt. And I am just extremely excited about adding it to my finished quilts list. 

I quilted in my standard and seemingly only way I quilt: the meander. It’s really hard to get away from though. I LOVE the texture it makes and I keep telling myself that heavy quilting like this is just making my quilts stronger. So so be it. 

While I’m working a meander across the quilt, I’m usually listening to a podcast and the quilting becomes methodical and I zone out. It’s almost therapy after the long hours of piecing. 

This is a pattern by Camille Roskelley from Thimbleblossoms. 

This one is a twin size so I adjusted the pattern a bit. I made 12 blocks and left out all sashing. My quilt measures 72×96″. 

This one is my favorite of my 12 blocks. I love the yellow pat bravo print from her rapture line and this minty shade of teal. 

I gave my binding much thought. And struggled with it as always. I didn’t want to use another pastel so I went with this gold and metallic from Riley Blake, the wonderland line. 

If you would like to make your own Swoon quilt you can find the pattern here

If you would like me to make you a Swoon quilt, I’d be happy to do this one again, please visit my website here. 

💜, melanie


I’ve never made a swoon quilt. Most modern quilters probably have, so once again I’m behind the times. 

But I recently chatted with a lady who wanted me to make one for her daughter. All pastels. 

I get usually two types of customers for my custom quilts: one that wants to pick every single fabric that gets used and really steers the quilt in the direction it ends up in and the other kind that will give me minimal input. 

I don’t mind either.  My quilt making supports my family and I’ll let my customers have it their way. 

Occasionally this will mean I end up making a quilt I don’t love (though this isn’t very often, it does happen), but more often than not a customer will give me a color palette or just a little bit of inspiration and let me take it away. 

Obviously, this is my favorite. I get to pick fabrics (and that’s the best part 😊). 

So this particular customer asked for a swoon quilt and wanted it done in pastels.  So I pulled here and there from my stash (nothing purchased) and got busy. Happily. 

I didn’t have a lot of pastels and I might have  used every thing I did have in these particular colors. 

My Aqua stash is almost non-existent. I keep using all of them. My coral, orange and yellow is overflowing, but mostly too busy. A mint green stash barely exists and the pinks are laughable. But I managed. 

I keep buying fabrics with multiple colors on them and I’m trying to focus more on fabrics that are more tonal, that seems to be what my stash lacks the most, basics and fabrics like that. 

It seems silly that I have a dresser full of fabrics and think I don’t have what I need, but sometimes that is the case. I promise I’m not just saying that to buy more fabric (like some people that I live with think). After all these years I really need to work on how I choose fabric. 

What I want to do is if my stash is low on pinks to visit a fabric store and choose a bunch of shades of pinks in maybe half yard cuts. That way it’s in my stash when I need it. I’ve been doing that the last few weeks and I like it. This doesn’t mean to completely cut out seeing a fabric I like and buying it, but I need to start addressing my needs more instead of “Ooh, pretty fabric.”

Rant over. Back to the quilt. 

This block is by far the prettiest of all other quilt blocks. It’s a giant beauty and I can see why it’s so popular among quilters. 

BUT it is extremely complicated to chain piece. I had to be careful and keep colors pinned together to be sure that I didn’t mix things up. Color 1 and color 2 business. 

Even with my intentional carefulness I loved making them. I watched Netflix and chain pieced for 3-4 days.  Finished the whole series of ‘Happy Valley’. 

I think I’ve spent 4 days on the blocks. And that’s with my husband trimming HSTs and the geese. 

But it’s together now and quilted. Tomorrow I’ll bind and wash it up and take pictures before it heads to Canada to its forever home. 

💜, melanie

All my favorites economy block quilt

You might remember this quilts blocks being on my design wall for almost a year. I have made them here and there. Ever since about a year ago when I started collecting Heather Ross fabrics. 

See the start of that quilt here. 

I fell in love with how great those fabrics looked when fussy cut. I also started setting aside other designer fabrics I thought would make good centers for my economy block squares. 

And for almost a year I’ve made these blocks. No rush. No deadline. Just whenever I saw a fabric I must use. 

Last month I finished twenty blocks and was ready to finish this up. You know how that goes… My mind had already more than moved on to my next slow make and this one kept hankering at me and I needed it off the design wall. 

I’ve been wanting to make a floating block quilt for awhile. Using the big white border makes me think of the blocks floating plus also upped the size to a twin quilt. And all that negative space was an added bonus. I love how the quilting looks in negative space. 

You can see how much Heather Ross fabrics were used compared to other prints. I just can’t get over them. My stash of her fabrics has since quadrupled so I’ve got a quilt on my mind in the future with nothing but her prints. Hopefully sooner than later. 

You might notice that the four corner blocks are a little different. They were my first blocks and cut at a completely different size. 

I could have remade them, but laziness got the best of me. I added borders to bring them to size and called it a day. 

This quilt was sold right after I photographed it.

My next slow make is a quilt that I’m making for my daughter as a gift. She will be moving at the end of August to go to college and the quilt will be a going away present. 

We are working on it together, or should I say that I am working on it and she is supervising. I will post pictures on that tomorrow. 

💜, melanie

Hand cut heart quilt – again, but with less bold colors

Sorry about the wrinkly pictures in advance. 

This quilt was a custom request. My customer chose the fabrics for the hearts only. And I chose the background prints. 

This one is so much more subtle than the original. Which you can find here. 

Let me gush a bit here about low volume fabrics. I LOVE them, like LOVE in the strongest sense of the word. I have begun to collect them in great big bundles. I’ve been using them so often recently that I’ve had to really increase my stash. 

And I like to use them in an eclectic way, making no real sense other than I like every print no matter where they belong together or not. 

In this quilt as well as the original I didn’t discriminate on creams or whites, but included both. 

Take a look at some of these prints. 

The horse print is by Bari j from art gallery fabrics from her… Alise line maybe?  Anna Elise?  Something like that. 

I’ve had it in my stash for over a year, hoarding it, but I added it to this quilt due to a lack of low volume at the time of cutting. 

The swan print was chosen by my customer as I mentioned before. It’s a cloud 9 organic fabric. I love brown when it’s so dark you can no longer decide if its brown or gray. 

Another customer request. This quilt was a gift for a mother and so we worked together to work in this sweet little message. 

And you might be noticing quite a large amount of bicycles and that is that it was another request. The giftee is an avid cyclist. 

I backed with soft colored fabrics that coordinated with the hearts on this quilt. As well as the minty binding. 

Those typewriters again. Another hoarded fabric that I am letting go with. 

For years I have tried to work with a selected amount of fabrics, but lately I’ve enjoyed not doing that. And instead just adding whatever I want based on color alone. 

This quilt probably features 30+ fabrics in it. 

I find myself cutting smaller amounts from my fat quarters and half yards in order to save a bit of them for the next quilt. 

Why have I not been doing that all along?  After all these years?

If I had my stash might be so much more diverse. 

💜, melanie